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Document Fulfillment Services (DFS)

The most agile, modern fulfillment infrastructure on the planet.

DFS is integrating AI-enabled data processing with variable high-speed, high-volume, high-integrity printing, mail, and online fulfillment. Our Northern and Southern California facilities provide customizable, transparent business solutions with true scalable redundancy. Where complexity becomes simple, and the “impossible” is achieved as a matter of course.

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Custom, Industry-Centric Solutions

Tackle your toughest outsourced document fulfillment challenges with DFS – faster than the speed of business – global enterprise to small business. We drive success with pinpoint accuracy, unparalleled experience, ultra-flexibility, industry-leading security, and quality that always comes first.

Pricing for Every Scenario

DFS is ever-vigilant and inclusive. One size does not fit all. Therefore, we offer month-to-month project agreements and long-term plans, always competitively priced. Achieve economies of scale and boost profitability.


in a company with the most stringent security and compliance standards in the industry, and in a culture that fosters integrity and personal responsibility.


that puts your business ahead. Groundbreaking, comprehensive data processing and document fulfillment for enterprise.


for the smallest workload to your most difficult volume printing and mail needs.

DFS E-Document Vault

Streamline, password-protect, and personalize online customer access to statements and invoices, self-registration, and notifications. Anywhere, anytime, any device.

DFS Client Portal

Monitor, track, resolve, and approve each and every job in real time. Visibility from data processing through USPS pickup. Secure, efficient, and super convenient.

Gain a vibrant, proactive fulfillment mastermind. We’re living it.

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